Tested SEO Training

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Who is Tested SEO Training for?

Tested SEO Training is a cutting edge program designed for advanced SEO professionals who are already ranking well and making money from their efforts. The target audience includes individuals in various industries who are responsible for driving organic traffic to websites. This course requires a solid background in SEO and assumes participants have experience working on live sites. There are no prerequisites for taking this course, but newbies and those who lack hands-on experience with SEO are not the ideal candidates.

Tested SEO Training Overview

Tested SEO Training is an intensive 8-week course that covers advanced SEO strategies and tactics. The main objective is to help participants multiply their current results by applying tested and proven methods. The course structure includes live lectures, hands-on exercises, and group projects. Delivered entirely online, the course follows a fixed schedule with specific deadlines and time constraints. Assessments include quizzes, exams, and projects.

Tested SEO Training Content

The course covers four main topics:

  • On-page optimization (3 weeks)
  • Local SEO strategies (2 weeks)
  • Links/traffic (1 week)
  • Other SEO Tactics (2 weeks)

Each topic is crucial for developing a comprehensive understanding of advanced SEO techniques that drive real results, regardless of Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Live training with no recordings or replays, ensuring active participation.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions for clarification and support.
  • A dedicated Skype group for discussions, networking, and idea sharing.
  • Focus on tested data and exclusive insights not shared publicly.
  • Integration with Cora, a powerful SEO tool, and access to custom Cora reports.

Tested SEO Training Instructor

The instructor is highly experienced in the field, dedicated to supporting participants throughout the course, and ensuring that learners achieve the course objectives.

Cost and Requirements

The program costs over $6,000 and increases over time, with no payment plans or refunds available. Participants must apply to join the course and be committed to actively engaging in the material.

Tested SEO Training Pros And Cons


  • Focused on proven, tested strategies.
  • Access to exclusive data and insights.
  • Interactive, hands-on approach.
  • Small group setting with personal coaching.
  • Integration with the Cora tool.


  • High price point.
  • No recordings or replays.
  • No refunds or payment plans.
  • Strictly limited enrollment.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other similar courses, Tested SEO Training stands out due to its focus on tested methods and exclusive insights. The ideal participant is an advanced SEO professional looking to amplify their current results. By committing to this course and putting in the work, participants can expect to gain valuable knowledge and experience that will help them drive even better results for themselves or their clients.