SEO Training for Beginners

Who is SEO Training for Beginners for?

The SEO Training for Beginners is designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs seeking to grasp the basics of SEO quickly. The course is suitable for beginners and small business owners already experiencing some success with SEO but looking to expand their income. There are no prerequisites for this course, and it assumes no prior knowledge or experience in SEO.

SEO Training for Beginners Overview

This course provides a thorough understanding of SEO concepts and a practical, 3-step framework for growing your business with SEO. The course is structured around video lessons, with a total duration of 1 hour and 1 minute. The content is delivered online and can be accessed at your own pace, with no deadlines or time constraints. Course assessments should be mentioned on the sales page.

SEO Training for Beginners Content

The course covers essential topics in SEO, including the benefits of SEO for your business, setting up analytics to track success, understanding keywords and conducting keyword research, on-site SEO optimization for your Shopify store, and off-site SEO techniques to attract ideal customers.

Other Features and Benefits

The course is designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs, offering a unique focus on Shopify and its integration with SEO strategies. The concise 30-minute format lets learners quickly grasp the fundamentals and apply them to their businesses.

Course Instructors

Casandra Campbell, a Shopify expert, internet marketer, and entrepreneur, leads the course. With experience as the Experimentation Lead at Shopify and a background in content marketing and SEO strategy, Casandra is well-equipped to guide learners through the course objectives. Her expertise as a regular speaker and educator at SEO conferences adds credibility to the course content.

Cost and Requirements

The sales page does not mention the cost or any specific requirements for the course.

SEO Training for Beginners Pros and Cons


  • Explicitly designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs
  • Focus on Shopify and its SEO integration
  • Concise and beginner-friendly content
  • Instructor with relevant industry experience


  • Limited information on course assessments
  • No mention of cost or requirements on the sales page

Final Thoughts

The SEO Training for Beginners course is an excellent resource for e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to learn SEO fundamentals quickly. Its focus on Shopify and concise format provides a targeted approach to mastering SEO strategies. Casandra Campbell’s expertise in the field makes her an ideal instructor for the course. However, the lack of assessment information and costs may leave potential learners with questions before enrolling.