On-Page and Technical SEO Course

Who is On-Page and Technical SEO Course for?

The On-Page and Technical SEO Course is tailor-made for professionals dealing with technical SEO, on-page SEO, and content optimization. The course caters to individuals with a basic understanding of SEO concepts and assumes some background knowledge in website optimization. Individuals in job roles such as SEO specialists, digital marketers, content creators, and web admins across various industries can reap significant benefits from this course. However, there are no prerequisites for taking this course.

On-Page and Technical SEO Course Overview

The course delves into technical and on-page SEO, focusing on improving website health and optimizing content for users and search engines using Semrush tools. By the end of the course, learners will be proficient in SEO audit, identifying and resolving HTTPS issues, addressing crawlability concerns, analyzing log files, creating SEO-friendly content, and on-page optimization.

The course is structured as a series of free video lessons, totaling 37 minutes. It’s delivered online through the Semrush Academy platform, allowing learners to access the content at their own pace. There are no specific deadlines or time constraints associated with the course. The course concludes with an accompanying test, which learners must pass to earn their certificate.

On-Page and Technical SEO Course Content

The course covers the following critical topics:

  • SEO Audit: Learn to evaluate your website’s health, identify potential issues, and implement effective solutions.
  • HTTPS Issues: Understand common HTTPS issues and how to fix them to enhance website security and user experience.
  • Crawlability Issues: Discover how to detect and resolve crawlability issues to ensure search engines can index your website effectively.
  • Log File Analysis: Master the art of analyzing log files to gain insights into search engine crawlers’ activities on your website.
  • Creating SEO-friendly Content: Learn to create content that appeals to users and search engines, improving your website’s visibility and engagement.
  • Getting Ideas for On-Page Optimization: Uncover actionable strategies for optimizing your website’s on-page elements to rank higher in search engine results.
  • Getting Rid of On-Page Errors: Learn to identify and eliminate on-page errors to enhance your website’s performance and user experience.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Semrush Academy Certification: Earn a recognized certificate upon completing the course and passing the accompanying test.
  • Expert Tips and Real-Life Cases: Gain valuable insights from practicing SEO experts sharing their tips and experiences.

Course Instructors

The course is prepared by a team of skilled Semrush professionals who have designed it alongside the creators of the SEO Toolkit. This collaboration ensures the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge of Semrush SEO tools. The ‘Get Expert’s Tips’ section allows learners to leverage the experience of seasoned SEO experts for their future work with Semrush SEO instruments.

Cost and Requirements

The On-Page and Technical SEO Course is accessible on the Semrush Academy platform. You only need an internet connection and a device to access the video lessons.

On-Page and Technical SEO Course Pros And Cons


  • Comprehensive coverage of on-page and technical SEO topics
  • Free access to valuable content
  • Self-paced learning format
  • Semrush Academy Certification
  • Insights from SEO experts


  • Assumes some background knowledge of SEO
  • Lack of interactive elements or hands-on exercises

Final Thoughts

The On-Page and Technical SEO Course stands out from similar courses due to its comprehensive content, expert insights, and free access. It is ideal for individuals looking to elevate their technical and on-page SEO skills, particularly those working in SEO, digital marketing, content creation, and web development. Participants will benefit from the in-depth knowledge and practical tips provided by Semrush experts, allowing them to implement effective SEO strategies and improve their website’s performance. Overall, this course offers a solid foundation for mastering essential on-page and technical SEO concepts while leveraging the power of Semrush tools for maximum impact.