Local SEO Training for Agencies from Sterling Sky and LocalU

Elite SEO courses presents Local SEO Training for Agencies from Sterling Sky and LocalU. Eliteseocourses.com is the best SEO training resource available on online for basic SEOs and advanced SEOs wanting more information about SEO trainings available online to increase SEO knowledge.

Who is Local SEO Training For?

Local SEO Training for Agencies from Sterling Sky and LocalU targets marketing agencies and in-house teams looking to expand their knowledge of local search and SEO tactics. Suitable for various job roles and industries, this course caters to professionals seeking to improve their brand’s local search presence. No specific expertise is required, making it accessible for anyone interested in local SEO.

Local SEO Training For Agencies Overview

This course covers essential topics related to local SEO, such as Google My Business (GMB) optimization, keyword research, onsite optimization, and spam fighting. Learners will develop skills to rank better in local search and gain more leads and conversions for their clients. The course is structured with 15 live, online modules that include live Q&A sessions. The course’s flexible schedule allows for weekly sessions that build upon one another.

Local SEO Training For Agencies Content

Key topics covered in the course include:

  • Local SEO Tools: Learn essential tools for effective local SEO campaigns.
  • GMB Optimization: Master techniques to optimize Google My Business listings.
  • Spam Fighting: Discover how to combat spam and maintain a clean online presence.
  • Onsite Optimization: Enhance your website’s local SEO through effective onsite strategies.
  • Fake Reviews: Learn to identify and report fraudulent reviews.
  • And more.

Local SEO Training For Agencies Features and Benefits

Additional features of the course include:

  • Live sessions taught by the Sterling Sky Dream Team™️.
  • Flexible scheduling tailored to your needs.
  • Live Q&A during and after each session.
  • Recorded sessions available for future reference.

Local SEO Training For Agencies Instructors

The course is taught by experienced professionals from the Sterling Sky Dream Team™️. Their extensive backgrounds in local SEO make them well-suited to help learners achieve their objectives. Learners can benefit from the instructors’ tested and proven strategies to rank better in local search.

Cost and Requirements

The course offers three packages: Lite ($1,500 for 1 session), Plus ($7,500 for 6 sessions), and Premium ($10,000 for 12 sessions). The best value is the Premium package, which offers significant savings compared to purchasing individual sessions.

Local SEO Training For Agencies Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive coverage of local SEO topics.
  • Live sessions with experienced instructors.
  • Flexible scheduling and pacing.
  • Live Q&A and recorded sessions for reference.


  • May be expensive for smaller agencies or individuals.

Final Thoughts

Local SEO Training for Agencies from Sterling Sky and LocalU stands out for its comprehensive content, experienced instructors, and flexibility. Ideal for marketing agencies and in-house teams seeking to improve their local SEO knowledge, this course offers valuable insights and strategies for driving local search success.