A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO

Who is A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO for?

This free course is designed for agency professionals, business owners, and individuals new to local SEO or looking to refresh their skills. It is ideal for anyone in industries such as digital marketing, content creation, and web development who wants to improve their knowledge of local SEO.

A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO Overview

The course focuses on understanding and optimizing local SEO, including necessary signals influencing visibility in local searches. It offers practical guidance on inbound links, citations, reviews, and Google Business Profiles. The course is structured into eight modules, featuring 12 videos and quizzes, and takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. It is self-paced and delivered entirely online, allowing participants to learn conveniently. Assessments consist of quizzes, an exam, and a workbook to practice the acquired knowledge.

A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO Content

The course covers a wide range of topics essential for local SEO success:

  1. Introduction to local SEO: Importance, relevance, and critical concepts.
  2. Local ranking factors: Understanding factors that impact local search results.
  3. On-page signals: Optimizing website content for local SEO.
  4. Local links: Acquiring valuable local backlinks.
  5. Citations: Managing local business citations effectively.
  6. Reviews and strategies to get more of them: Importance of reviews and methods to acquire positive ones.
  7. Google Business Profile optimization: Enhancing visibility and rankings in local search.
  8. Other signals: Exploring smaller signals that impact local search results.

Each topic is crucial for optimizing local SEO strategies and reaping professional benefits regarding increased visibility and customer engagement.

Other Features and Benefits

This course offers several additional features that enhance the learning experience:

  1. Step-by-step instructions for practical application.
  2. Real-time practice opportunities.
  3. Free enrollment and access to all materials.
  4. BrightLocal certification upon successful completion of the exam.

Course Instructors

Greg Gifford, Vice President of Search Marketing at SearchLab, is the course leader. With over 19 years of experience in online marketing, web design, and Local SEO, Greg is a sought-after speaker at digital marketing conferences worldwide. His expertise has helped numerous businesses improve their local search visibility.

Cost and Requirements

The course is free, with no prerequisites or additional costs associated with enrollment. Participants only need an internet connection and want to learn about local SEO.

A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive coverage of local SEO topics.
  • Engaging and easy-to-understand content.
  • Free access to all materials.
  • Self-paced learning.
  • BrightLocal certification upon completion.


  • Course duration may need to be longer for some learners.
  • No in-person or live interaction with the instructor.

Final Thoughts

Compared to similar courses, A Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO offers a concise and engaging learning experience at no cost. It is ideal for individuals new to local SEO, agency professionals, and business owners looking to enhance their local search performance. Participants will benefit from increased visibility, better customer engagement, and improved local search rankings.